We have provided ALS® to PAMP SA!

With great pride we share the press release issued by PAMP SA few days ago regarding the installation of our ALS®.

Following our English translation:

 Castel San Pietro, April 13, 2017, PRESS RELEASE

Innovation at the service of the environment: PAMP installs a special plant for separating gold and silver

The plant installed at the precious metals refinery of Castel San Pietro is the first of its kind to be set up in the world: the innovative system revolutionises the process of pre-refining, with clear advantages for the environment.

At PAMP, the IKOI and GT&F companies installed the very first ALS, Acidless Separation facility available on the market. The Ticino refinery had already collaborated in the development of the plant and technologies, trialling the pilot version now in place at Castel San Pietro.


The raw material that arrives at the refinery for processing often contains gold, silver and other metals: the revolutionary "green" technology developed by IKOI and GT&F makes it possible, during the pre-refining stage, to separate gold from other precious metals without the need for chemicals. The system exploits the differences in vapour pressure of the various metals which determine their melting or evaporation temperature; the raw metal is put in a pressurised tank and heated in a furnace: when it reaches a temperature of 1300 degrees, the silver evaporates and is collected in a special filter, while the gold remains in the crucible. This is the pre-refining stage.

The advantages that this technology has to offer are considerable: a drastic reduction in the use of chemicals for the process; lower energy consumption thanks also to shorter refining times and smaller quantities of material to be refined; and lastly, reduced emissions through the filtering system. In addition, the closed and isolated plant ensures greater safety for the operators who remove the materials when the plant has cooled down.

Nadia Haroun, the CEO of PAMP, said, "Even an industrial area such as the foundry, normally associated with traditional processes, offers scope for improvement and innovation. PAMP is always on the lookout for new solutions that can make their operations more sustainable, which is why we expressed an interest in the IKOI/GT&F project and played a small part in its development."


Do you want to be at the forefront of technology?

Are you aiming to be seen as having a real concern for green technology?

Do you want to offer clean and safe working conditions to your employees?

Are you interested in saving costs on pre-refining and avoid chemicals that have an impact on the environment and require stringent proper disposal treatments?

It’s time for ALS!